In working to achieve the OLBC Foundation’s goal to educate Ohioans on issues affecting the quality of life of African-American’s in Ohio, below you can find information on policies & issues ranging from education, health care, minority business enterprises, and job creation, that the OLBC Foundation members are committed to supporting.



Supporting public education

Focus on STEM education for young children

Higher Education

Making Community College and Technical schools more accessible

College affordability


Criminal Justice Reform

Making Grand Jury process more transparent and fair

Mental health training for law enforcement

Body Cameras for police officers

Job training for ex-offenders


Voting Rights

Protecting access to the ballot

Fighting back against voter suppression

Voter education and registration


Minority Owned Businesses

Support current minority-owned businesses

Secure additional funding and grants for minority business contracts


Job Creation

34 percent of Ohio’s black population is living below the poverty line, while unemployment for black Ohioans is nearly twice that of whites.

Supporting equal work for equal pay

Job training programs

Special focus on re-entry programs for ex-offenders


Health Care

Securing funding to fight back against infant mortality crisis

Supporting measures that provide employees with paid family leave.